Beijing DDXX Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializes in development of carbon ceramic materials projects. We work on the basic research of carbon ceramic materials and the development and production of downstream products. DDXX has established a subsidiary in Tianjin as a research and development and production base.
The name D2X2 comes from the company's original name, which means that its innovative new technology is used to bring about continuous innovation, high-speed development, and to achieve geometric growth; at the same time, it also provides a more enhanced safety level at higher speed for various types of transportation carriers equipped with D2X2 braking system.

The Values

● Establishing a world-class carbon ceramic research and development platform

Innovation is the core of high-tech enter-prises. DDXX insists that R&D should be at the forefront. The R&D competition should be global. DDXX fully integrates the advantages of domestic and international industrial, academic and research cooperation, and establish an international-level R&D platform in the field.

● Establish an elite team in the carbon ceramic field

People are the core assets of the company. DDXX is people-oriented and attracts the best to the team. It will be a source of the most competent and talented people.

● Forming a competitive advantage in carbon ceramic technology

With the rapid development of technology and breakthroughs, DDXX strives to form barriers that cannot be surpassed. From basic research to industrial chain, it forms a series of competitive advantages and stays at the leading position in the industry.

● Founding an influential company in the world

Aiming at becoming a large and robust company who stands out in the industry, DDXX will be participate in global com-petition, and will have its own influence and discourse power in global technology field.