Carbon Ceramics High Performance Materials R&D and Manufacturing

Beijing DDXX Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializes in development of carbon ceramic materials projects.
1. In-house technology innovation and continuous research and development to stay out of the league.
2. The updated production process to reduce product costs.
3. World's leading technology of woven product matrix to ensure the quality of the product.
4. Customized manufacture equipment to suit various customer demands.
5. Self-owned intellectual property rights of processing equipment to accelerate the supply.
6. Technical team with professional academic background.


Carbon ceramic brake system

High and consistent frictional coefficient, minimal wear-out, high brake ratio, long service life, no obsearved wet state attenuation, good heat resistance and mechanical shock resistance.


Carbon ceramic brake system for high-speed trains

Comparing with traditional materials, carbon ceramic materials have better resistant to high temperatures. It can be used for a long time under 1650°C, and has a limited life span within 1650-2200°C.


Other application areas

The carbon ceramic material has a fracture behavior similar to metal. It is insensitive to cracks and catastrophic failure does not occur under high energy impact.


Brake Discs

High temperature resistance, low density, high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, and high designable performance.


Brake Pads

Perfect match with carbon ceramic brake disc to ensure super-strong braking force, minimize noise and improve reactivity.


Other Accessories

Customized calipers , hub bolt and union, all made of titanium alloy or aviation aluminum.


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